With more than 70 years of developing solutions to help professional tradespeople do their work more accurately, quickly and reliably, Johnson Level products have earned the trust of professionals worldwide.

Delivering reliable precision

Yellow metal Johnson level seen from left side of frame

Over the years Johnson Level has built a complete portfolio of tools – including construction-grade measuring lasers, digital protractors and squares – for any job that requires:

  • Leveling
  • Marking
  • Layout

Committed to quality


All Johnson Level products are designed to offer consumers the highest-quality tools possible, representing the best value among comparable items available anywhere.

What’s more, Johnson has earned a reputation for exceptional service, education and everyday dependability that exceeds customers’ expectations for quality and precision.

Trusted for over 70 years

Johnson Level has the measuring-, marking- and leveling-tool expertise to make any job more accurate and results more reliable than ever before, as proven by over 70 years in the industry.

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